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Post Covid in New Malden

Now things are a little calmer and we are focusing on recovery, the time has come to once again support local artists, musicians and community groups, but also businesses. The High Street is in need, and so to that end I have joined with friends who lead other community groups, colleagues in the council and the GLA to help develop a strategy for New Malden. There is more info about this on the news page.

The main thing to consider is that there is currently a lot of energy and interest in making positive changes to our ways of living, socialising and shopping post covid. So I intend to use this to support my home town and build back in ways that are cleaner, greener, nourishing to health and well being.

I believe that this work will inevitably highlight the fact that having an arts centre in New Malden would be a great asset, but I think it is essential that this is something the community ask for and actively take part in the implementation of rather than a top down exercise. So, in the meantime I'm happy to be in the role of "community connector" and see how things develop.

If you would like to talk to me about this project please do feel free to contact me: Danielle O'Shaughnessy, 07402484845

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