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For the past four years the role of the Village New Malden has been to encourage local creatives to put on activities and events and to quietly promote the development of a community arts space in New Malden.  Happily we have seen this materialise in the form of a cultural arts centre on our High Street and many more local arts events held in cafes, community halls, open spaces and pubs in the area. 


Despite the pandemic, friendships between different community organisations have grown and collaborative working is more the norm than the exception now.  

There is currently a lot of energy and interest in making positive changes to our ways of living, socialising and shopping on the High Street.


The Village New Malden is part of this new approach and is working with local organisations to support New Malden in ways that are cleaner, greener, nourishing to health and well being.  The heart of The Village New Malden will always be in the arts and we are continuing to run local community arts events but now we have become part of a much wider initiative that is about community building in the face of deeply challenging times post covid and in the face of the climate emergency.

The aim of the Village New Malden is to continue building a cohesive and resilient community though collaborative working.

If you would like to talk to me about this project please do feel free to contact me: Danielle O'Shaughnessy, 07402484845

The Village New Malden

Tel: 07402484845