The Vision

Since we first embarked on being a community arts group we have seen a growth in local activity, from live music nights, comedy gigs, multicultural festivals and even a new arts centre on the High Street.  We are delighted to see New Malden growing in it's vibrancy and colour and hope to see it continue to grow and develop, with that in mind we have created a dream list of what we would like to see next for New Malden over the next few years.
Community Art


Around town there are numerous blank canvas' for murals. We would love to see these empty spots filled with beautiful wall art to brighten the town and bring a sense of joy, and intrigue and develop a New Malden identity that is reflective of the towns spirit.

Green Heart of Kingston


The spirit of New Malden could be described as green hearted, local "Guerrilla Gardeners" already contribute to a wealth of activity in local parks, residential streets and the cycle paths. We would like to see this work flourish further; linking up the small pocket parks and creating green corridors for wildlife throughout the town, improving air quality and the quality of life for local residents. We think an increase in planting will not only mitigate the affects of climate overheating but also provide immense benefits to physical and emotional well being of local people. We would like to see planting upon every possible surface- bus stop roofs, flat roofs, seating planters, if there is a space that can be planted we would like to see it filled in with greenery.

Collaborative working


Advances in technology and awareness in the value of co-operation has meant that it is now possible for local businesses, community arts, multicultural groups and environmental organisations to work together on mutually beneficial projects. So for instance we would love to see the development of a "Green Team" collaborate on business ideas and creative projects that would benefit shoppers and business owners along the themes of recycling, developing a circular economy and providing community events and festivals that give a boost to local residents and businesses.

The Village New Malden



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