The Village

A.F.T.E.R (artists for the earths recovery)
A community network  event 


Tickets are £5 Earlybird or £7 on  the door,

All proceeds go to a  Burmese children’s charity.  

Meeting at 18:30 with screening will beginning at 19:00 BST.  

Talk & director Q&A from 19:20 - open to any and all audience  questions. 

Networking commences as soon as  we are done with talk. 

Drinks and snacks available to  purchase from the café, 

and don’t forget your  

business cards ☺

In association with  

Plasm Productions & 63 High Street 


18:30 till 20:30 BST

Community Networking Evening

We will begin with a short introduction to this new initiative designed by Danielle before meeting Thida Nathalie, a local  filmmaker and founder of Plasm Productions, who will be screening the award winning 7 minute film - Bright Like The Sun, to raise funds for  Burmese orphans via her 'Films That Give Back’ initiative.  

bright like th esun.jfif

Director Q&A

There will be a director Q&A along with a sharing of how the initiative makes positive  change in all local communities, before commencing our first ever and most  awesome networking event, where we will mingle with fresh talent and like-minded  creatives, actioners and individuals over drinks and delicious cake!

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Thida Nathalie- 

Thida Nathalie is an award-winning filmmaker who travels, films, motivates and gives back. 

In 2020 she returned home after completing her first short film of a Burmese  boy, living sublimely in the conflicted country of Myanmar, and after multiple  International screenings, decided to use the film to raise money and create  positive social impact wherever it went. 

Not only do these screenings help support local children’s charity in the  country where each film is shot, but the sharing of her experiences during  director Q&A’s help bridge gaps of cultural misunderstanding and encourage  compassion and hope for her subjects worldwide.

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