June 2021

Despite the challenges caused by the pandemic New Malden has managed to continue to grow and strengthen its network of community activists, artists and businesses.  Past initiatives such as CirKT, Wild Kingston, KimJang project, Shed Ex, The Beehive and Kingston Carnival Greenzone helped lay foundations for a number of new projects that we hope will create a swathe of new and exciting ideas for the town.


There are currently plans afoot to adopt New Malden Train Station, develop a Friends of the Beeline group for the cycle path between New Malden and Raynes Park,  start up a new business and community network group, run events from a new town square in Cocks Crescent and yes fingers crossed an actual community arts hub for local people!

The interconnectivity between organisers has benefitted massively from the new Zoom culture and getting things done is faster than ever before in many ways.  So we are super excited to see what will happen next.  

Join The Village New Malden FB group for more info and regular updates on all things creative happening in New Malden. 


Our steering group is working on our funding strategy and business plan and are continuing to seek a venue for our venture, so if you have any ideas or skills to volunteer please get in touch.